Welcoming this exhibition
in your town is free !

Welcome "Mail-Art Across the World" in your town

“Mail Art across the World” travels all around the world freely and its vocation is to be the favorite link between the calligraphers from anywhere.
If you want to offer your candidacy, MAAW is open to all interested people of all countries. If you are a calligraphy guild, a professional calligrapher, or any other accredited cultural organization, you can welcome "Mail Art Across the World" in your country by asking to the organizer of your country on the right.
This project is free from charge. You are free to exhibit the mail-arts the way you like : for a single exhibition or with other works, during an "open-doors" or a festival, in a library, a gallery, a museum, an office mail-post, a cultural center... etc.
Mail-arts travel in a simple mail-box : it offers flexibility and cheap postal cost. It permits many ways for exhibiting (under frames, under glass, suspended on a wire, under plastic cover...)

If you choose to become an organizer, you commit yourselves to exhibit envelopes safely from steal or damage. You commit yourselves taking responsibility for the expenses due to sending the envelopes from your country to next organisation and managing the organization of your exhibition (place, material, ad, insurance...).

Your exhibition data will appear on "exhibition" page of this website.

Do you wish to become an organizer for your country for the next edition ?

Official countries organizers of MAAW are listed on this right side. They can change every new edition.

The rules are the same as above. What is the difference ?
When you become organizer, your name will be added to the list of postal addresses on this right side, so people can send you mail arts. Your name will also be added to "Thanks / Links" part of "" website (with a link and logo to your website) where you will appear like the other organizers.

Like all the other organizers, you'll have access to the "administration" part of this website by password

to converse, follow and consult topics, seek and give piece of advice... in the subjects dedicated to the project on "Encre-et-lumiere' " (project development, new incoming organizers, various information concerning requests for subsidy, administrative letters standard, different manners for exhibition financings, functioning ... ) ;
- to inform others about places and exhibitions dates and its progress (planning).

You also have to :
- gather received envelopes
- scan or take picture of mail-arts and add each one on the website gallery
- redirect mail-arts to the first organizer to permit him organizing the first exhibition of the planning.
- to speak around you and make people participate into in your country.
- if necessary, coordinate other people of your country to welcome exhibition.