Mail art project Sommaire
Mail art project Sommaire
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Mail art across the world : participez !


How to participate ?

"Mail-Art Across the World" consists of a free project of displaying beautifully written international mail art.
It is meant for calligraphists without origin limitations. Envelopes will be displayed with an information card in countries of organizers and every people who accept to welcome it.

If you wish to participate, please send one or several written envelopes by the 1st of march 2014, stamped at the tariff rate in force in your country, to one or several of the following addresses on the right.

1st of march 2014 , Maximum size : A4 (U.S. "letter" format ), theme free, with calligraphy

Inside the envelope, please enclose the following text and annexe :

"This envelope and its contents are meant for the exhibition "Mail art across the World ". I agree that the technical data enclosed (as wemm as my details) be indicated during the exhibition. I will be informed of the details of the organisation (place, circumstances and participants) at the latest 15 days before the beginning of the first private viewing on the website. I take due note that the "work" sent won't be returned and may be published. I take notice that the organisation will not sell my work.

Date, place and signature


address, country*,
e-mail**, web site or telephone
technical details of your work .

** Your e-mail will not be published.

All the participants works will be on-line in the virtual gallery of the website..

We hope that you will take part in this frontier-free calligraphy initiative with as much enthusiasm as we do and are very much looking forward to your participation.

The team of "Mail-Art Across the World"

Mail art project Sommaire

Mail art across the world

24 av. Jean Jaurès,
24750 Trélissac FRANCE

05 53 04 91 81

Mail art across the world
Plumes et Calames

47 rue Montgomery
7540 Tournai BELGIUM

GSM : +32 - (0)478 241 988

Mail art across the world
CIAC, « Centre International des Arts Calligraphiques»
Marta lagna
via Tullio passarelli
67 00128 Roma ITALY

Mail art across the world
Kalligrafisk klubb
Bas Vlam,
postboks 147, 5329
Florvåg, NORWAY





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